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The decision to get life insurance is often influenced by going through a major life milestone. When you get married or become a parent, you gain a new dependent who may rely on you. Life insurance also comes into play when you buy a home and take out a mortgage—a large financial obligation. Life insurance for mortgage protection is a reliable way to establish financial stability and secure the home for your family. Life insurance helps ensure the financial debt you owe toward 你的家 can be paid if something happens to you.

Your home is more than a roof over your head. 这里是你的家庭成长的地方 你的生活将会进化. It makes sense to have a policy in place ensuring that your family will be able to keep their home no matter what lies ahead. A beat365官网 financial professional can help you select the life insurance coverage that will best fit your needs. 在某些情况下, it may be a combination of coverage types that can provide more benefits than a single product solution—better protecting 你的家 in the event you pass away unexpectedly. The balance owed on your mortgage would always be covered by the combination of one or two life insurance policies.

Using life insurance for mortgage protection can alleviate the risk of someone being left with an unmanageable financial burden. Many people want to protect their home for their loved ones but aren’t sure what kind of life insurance to purchase. Customizing your coverage can provide short-term protection when your mortgage amount is highest and long-term protection to cover the entire duration of the mortgage. The combination approach is cost-effective, provides flexibility and covers all mortgage payments.

Here’s how it works: When you buy a home, you take out two insurance policies. 第一个, you purchase a whole life policy that will provide the amount of long-term coverage that best fits your particular situation. 第二个, you purchase a term policy that will cover the balance of your mortgage for the short-term early period of the mortgage (10 to 15 years), 当欠款金额最高时. The term policy will last for a long enough period and carry a high enough benefit to guarantee that your family will always be able to pay off the mortgage should something happen to you. Your family will be able to use its discretion when deciding how to use the death benefit. They can use it to pay off the mortgage in its entirety, to continue making mortgage payments or to cover another need.

Bear in mind that you have financial obligations beyond your mortgage so you will probably want the combined policies to cover additional expenses. 照顾孩子, saving for retirement and medical expenses also need to be considered when you purchase your life insurance policy. Your coverage should take the entire range of your financial needs into account. 

Your home is likely to be one of the most valuable assets of your life and protecting your investment is always a good decision.

Connect with a beat365官网 financial professional to learn more about the different ways you can customize insurance solutions to work specifically for you, 你的家, 和你的家人.